Roxana Manouchehri

Visual artist / Curator

Roxana is a professional visual artist based in Dublin, Ireland. She has received an MFA in Fine Art from the Tehran University of Art; she has been teaching art and giving talks and workshops, since 1995 in different universities in Tehran, Seoul and Dublin, including Trinity College and the Chester Beatty collection. She has had more than 50 group exhibitions internationally and 15 solo exhibitions in Tehran, Seoul, Dubai, Madrid, Munich, London, Brussels and Dublin, including the RHA and the Kevin Kavanagh Gallery. Etemad Gallery presents her works in Tehran.
Her works are in some important private and public collections, internationally such as OPW, AIB bank, AXA insurance in Dublin and Asia Art Network in Seoul. Her main interest is drawing on paper. She is skilful in geometrical patterns, reverse painting on glass and mirror and Islamic patterns. Also researching on European medieval and Persian manuscripts are the main resources in her practice. In her practice, she is looking for the conflict between our contemporary lifestyle and the lost truth. Also confronting with her fears, dreams and fantasies. Roxana is currently working with IMMA to co-ordinate a series of participatory workshops with Art Nomads to correspond with the Paul Rego exhibition there from September 2020.

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Patched the Chaos

These four drawings are from Patched the Chaos  project started in 2016 and it is ongoing.
The project, developed by gathering the information and found images from Google search based on free associations, dreams, fears, curiosities, love and dreads.
I call these drawings  mind collages, created by assembling non-relevant images together, trying to patch and repair the wounds and the chaos in my head and real life.
By collecting memories and patching the fragmented symbolic cultural elements, these drawings have emerged.
There are lots of holes and imperfections embedded within the big patchwork, all revealed without regret.