Tomasz Madajczak

Multimedia visual artist

Tomasz Madajczak born in Gorzów Wielkopolski in Poland, studied Photography at the Fine Arts Academy in PoznaƄ and an MFA in the Intermedia Department. He emigrated to Ireland in 2003 where he has been a practicing artist ever since. His art has been strongly influenced by the Irish culture, new landscapes, and people he has encountered. Since moving to West Cork in 2010 he has dedicated himself to developing new ways of working with photography, video and community in rural settings. His practice focuses strongly on installation and an embodied interpretation of live choreography. His approach is often collaborative and site specific, the space, light, found objects and encountered situations being vital.  Tomasz created ‘Thought Space’ in 1999, a room filled with text written continuously throughout the space in a performance for a duration of seven days. He has continued to create new work during residencies and in his studio. Recent projects include ‘No Space’, ‘The Dimension of Text’, ‘Hybrid Identity’ and ‘Areas of Presence’. He has exhibited in Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Pakistan, France and Ireland.